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No design element was overlooked, and every component was designed specifically for our use: No off the shelf parts and no compromising quality, form factor, or design.


One of the major problems with most vandal dome CCTV cameras is that they are a two-piece design. The problem with two-piece designs are that they are fundamentally flawed - the installer will have to find a way to seal all openings and mounting holes on the bottom case to weatherproof the camera.

The Vandal X Series is a three-piece case design. The cable seal moves from the outer case to the inner case, allowing the case to be mounted without the need to seal every hole on the camera with caulk or RTV.

By moving the seal to the inner case and rethinking traditional CCTV cable seal technology, we have achieved an IP68 weather rating.

Showing 1–12 of 14 results