The HD2CAT5 is an HD-SDI to CAT5 Transmitter and Receiver kit. This device enables an HD-SDI signal, power, and RS-485 data to be transmitted over standard Cat5 cable. With a transmission distance of nearly 400 feet one can easily run an HD-SDI camera signal over long d read more

The Vandal X Series is a flagship product for Clinton Electronics. The Vandal X Series was designed to be the ultimate outdoor vandal dome camera. IP 68 Weather Rated:   We are so confident in our Vandal X Series, we actually encourage our customers to immerse them read more

Vandal X Series DNA: The new IDX Series indoor dome design is based on our ever popular Vandal X Series and shares many of the same rugged components that are built to withstand the rigors of CCTV use, but in a light weight polycarbonate housing. Design and Functionalit read more

Installing a camera that faces into a window can be a nightmare; glare from the sun, reflection from interior lighting & distortion caused by the glass are common problems. Introducing the CE-BRCAM. The CE-BRCAM is a camera that is specifically designed for the purp read more

While you may not be able to capture an extraordinary event that will become the next hottest video on the internet, you can definitely drive with the peace of mind that you will be able to prove fault should something happen. Here are five reasons why everyone who driv read more

Best In Class Image Quality: Both HD-SDI & EX-SDI offer best in class image quality. They are pure digital signal formats, and there is no degradation of the video image over distance. Conversely, analog modulation technology (HD-TVI & HD-CVI) suffers when the s read more

Organized retail crime is the theft of retail merchandise on a larger scale with the intent to resell. Simply put, these are not just everyday people shoplifting for personal gain or need. These offenders are organized criminals called “boosters,” stealing for the sole read more

It is no secret that most HDMI LCD monitors will work just fine for your DVR for a little while. But what happens if that LCD monitor was not designed for constant 24/7/365 use? How long will it last? What happens when the monitor fails? Will that box store advance repl read more

Have you ever walked into a retail store and noticed CCTV dome cameras precariously hanging from the ceiling by a single piece of 3/4″ conduit? Pretty ugly, right? Unfortunately, aesthetics are often overlooked by an effort to pendant mount the camera as low as po read more

Switching from an analog-based CCTV system to a megapixel camera system used to be a major hassle. Up until a few years ago, the only way to get true HD video was to install an IP-based system. If you had an existing coax based system installed and you wanted HD video q read more